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Saturday, 26 February 2011

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Similar CDs have only a few hundred images, drawings or stick images. This popular new easy-to-use CD has well over 5,000 printable color photo-quality flashcards in 50 categories. It is a huge teaching resource for children with Autism or PDD of all ages. It is widely used in ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) teaching programs, as a PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System), Speech and Language Therapy resource and as an Occupational Therapy resource. You can even view, resize and print your own digital camera images to use as flashcards. With eight years experience in teaching kids with Autism, I have found that children with Autism learn more readily from clear photographic images with no distracting backgrounds.


1) Is the CD suitable for teaching children of all ages?
2) Will it run on a PC with any version of Windows such as XP, Vista and Windows 7?
3) Does the CD have a big enough range of images?
4) Does the CD include software to view and print the images?
5) Is it easy to use?
6) Does the program allow me to switch the labels on and off?
7) Can I include my own digital camera images?
8) Can I print the images small, medium or large?
9) Will this resource save me time and money?
10) Will I get online support and a full money-back guarantee?

With this software the answer is 10xYES!

You get a full money-back guarantee on this product.
We are the original producers of this software.
Screenshot displaying six of the 5,000 printable cards).


Runs on Windows 95 or higher (including XP, Vista and Windows 7).
Labels can appear on or off the flashcards.
Labels can appear in upper-case or lower-case.
A program on the CD allows you to preview and print 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8 images per page (eg. if you select 1 image per page, the image will take up the full page).
View, resize and print your own digital camera images too.
Fifty categories including Actions (over 800 action photos), Alphabet, Animals, Associations (150 pair-up cards eg. glove goes with hand, toothbrush goes with toothpaste), Attributes (eg. long-short, big-small, hot-cold), Baby items, Bathroom objects, Bedroom objects, Body parts, Building & structures, Clothing, Colors, Community objects, Computers, Emotions, Flags of the world (all 221 flags), Food & drink, Furniture, Genders & people, Grooming objects, Health & safety, Household objects, Kindergarten, Kitchen & Cooking, Money, Musical instruments, Numbers, Numerical association, Park & playground, Personal items, Plants, Rooms, School items, Shapes, Signs (eg.traffic, hazard, warning etc), Stationery, Toys, Vehicles and Workshop and tools.
The CD-ROM was designed to be used by those with no computer experience and is extremely easy to use. There are no installation or other set-up procedures. You simply insert the CD in your CD-ROM drive and it will run automatically. You click on the picture names from the categories to preview the pictures on the screen. Click the printer button on the screen and you have your flashcards.
This huge, easy-to-use resource saves you valuable time and money.
There is a 30 day full money-back guarantee on this product.
Full instructions are included with the CD-ROM.

Software and hardware requirements
IBM PC or compatible
Runs on Windows 95 or higher (including XP, Vista and Windows 7).

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